Finding Freedom through Treatment

Addiction to drugs and/or alcohol produces a suffering that only those who have gone through it can understand. Addiction treatment help those individuals break free from the hell that is active addiction, providing them an opportunity to regain their lives. Being stuck in the cycle of addiction is equivalent to living in a nightmare. It is using even when you don’t want to use. Once the addiction has taken over, you have lost the power of choice, getting loaded ceases to be a luxury and becomes a necessity. Addiction has the ability to effect the user emotionally, physically, and professionally. It does not matter if you are addicted to drugs, alcohol or a combination of both, addiction has a way to taking over your life. Treatment is a passageway back into your life. It will usually begin with a detox period, the process of removing all the residual chemicals from your body. After detox you will start the rehab process. Here we will customize a treatment program that is based on your specific needs, addicting effects each individual differently so we must adapt our program to best benefit our clients. Individual and group therapy, addiction education, family therapy, relapse prevention, and access to the 12-step community are all integrated into your treatment program. The goal of addiction treatment is to provide the addict with the proper coping mechanisms and tools that are necessary in order to maintain long-term recovery. Our clients are taught throughout therapy ways to recognize the physiological and psychological consequences of picking up again. Our focus during your treatment is on techniques to help you become aware of situations that may cause use, management of triggers, and to avoid relapse. If you are ready to break free from addiction call today and speak to a recovery specialist at (703) 239-7067.

Comprehensive Treatment for a Comprehensive Disease

Addiction is a crafty foe, but when given the right tools, it can be pushed into remission. There are many, many treatment centers to choose from, making it hard to choose one, but our program offers a plethora of evidence based therapies. We are highly respected in the treatment community, we offer everything from a stabilization period, where you can detox off drugs or alcohol, inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, and even sober living accommodations. Our therapists specialize in addiction and co-occurring disorders and are all have Master’s lever or higher education. Individual and group, art, music, yoga, cognitive behavioral, and equine are a few of the therapies that we offer. Along with all these we base our treatment around a 12-step model which has proven to work for many addicts. During your treatment you will work with your therapist to create an aftercare plan to follow once your stay is complete. This aftercare plan is personalized for you and it is a useful tool that can help prevent a relapse when you are faced with difficulties. When seeking help for an addiction, our treatment can provide you a great chance to overcome your substance abuse struggles.

Breaking the Cycle of Addiction

Being addicted to drugs or alcohol can leave the user feeling trapped. The psychological and physical dependency create have the ability to create a never ending cycle of addiction. Once addicted, it feels like there is no hope in quitting. There is hope. You can regain your life through the help of addiction treatment. There is no miracle cure for addiction, it is a lifelong battle. Checking into a treatment facility for a couple months is only the beginning of your journey. It is meant to ask as a slingshot, to catapult you into the world of recovery. When you are ready, or even if you’re not ready, to admit that you have an addiction problem you are able to begin the journey. Whether you are getting loaded or not, life will be full of tribulations. Our treatment provides you a new, health way to deal with those trails without the use of mind altering substances. If you want to put an end to the cycle of addiction call one of our specialists today at (703) 239-7067 and help us help you!