The Purpose of Detox

When you abuse drugs and alcohol your body becomes dependent upon the chemicals produced from the substances. Along with the chemicals produced from the mind altering substances they also leave toxins in your body and when you decide you want to quit, you have to go through a detoxification period. This is the process of removing the chemicals and toxins in your body. Many addicts and alcoholics are reluctant to get clean and sober out of fear of withdrawal. Withdrawals happen when the chemical the body is dependent upon is abruptly stopped. When you come to our treatment you will be able to have your withdrawal symptoms minimized with the help of medication. These medications are administered in a taper, where you gradually receive smaller doses until you are taking a small enough dose that stopping will create very minute withdrawals.
Withdrawals from certain substances are known to have complications that have led to death. Alcohol and benzodiazepines, if stopped abruptly, can cause seizures as a part of their withdrawals. While other substances aren’t known to have deadly symptoms, it is hard to quit without the help of a treatment center. People who are addicted usually abuse multiple substances, this can create complications. It is common for addicts to abuse multiple substances, if this is the case we are able to stabilize you off of all mind and mood altering drugs. The detox process is here to stop the physical addiction to substances but addiction is much more than just a physical dependency, further treatment is necessary to overcome it. When you decide to come to our facility, you will be provided the opportunity to break away from the physical addiction and the move onto breaking free from the mental addiction. Call our recovery team today at (703) 239-7067.

Is Detox all the Treatment I need?

Addiction is more than a physical dependency on a substance. While detox is important to step in becoming drug free, it is insufficient to overcome addiction when used as a sole form of treatment. Detoxification is only a stepping stone in your treatment. The disease of addiction centers in the mind, their minds are wired differently, whether it is acquired over long term abuse or is a genetic predisposition. Without further treatment it is easy to find yourself in situations where getting loaded looks like the only answer. There are a number of people who not only suffer from addiction but also suffer from other mental illnesses, these co-occurring disorders cannot be addressed during a detox and will also require additional treatment. We strongly advise our clients to progress into our treatment program once they are stabilized. In rehab you receive therapy to help discover any underlying issues that contribute to substance abuse. Without the continued help of a treatment center, addicts are more likely to relapse if they use detox as their only source of treatment. Only going through a detox is the like taking a knife into a gun fight, not very smart. Our goal is to give our clients the best chances to overcome addiction, after completion of your stabilization period, you will enter into our treatment program.

The First Stop on Your Journey

Admitting to yourself and your family that you need professional help for your addiction is not an easy thing to do, it takes strength and courage. It a decision you will not regret. Detoxification is a vital step on your quest it is just the first stop and should not be the sole source of drug or alcohol treatment. Our program offers an all-inclusive treatment, from the first step of stabilization, then inpatient, and outpatient. Detoxification cleans out the toxins in your body, it does nothing to address any of the mental side of why you use drugs or alcohol. We want to provide our clients every available tool that may be needed on their adventure into recovery. Don’t wait for things to get worse, they can get better today. Call us at (703) 239-7067 and begin your quest.